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Syllable, AtheOS Like many others, I was a long-time lurker on the atheos mailing list. I was happy to see it get forked, because it seemed to mean that some real progress would get made. In many ways that seems to have happened, and in others... Not so much. Note: This is the 3rd entry to our Alternative OS Contest which runs through 14th July!
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Not a bad review...
by Tuishimi on Tue 11th Jul 2006 20:08 UTC
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...but a little short and lacking some detail. Not as good as the first (and I have yet to read the 2nd entry, I'll have to go back and find it).

Syllable progress does seem to be somewhat slow, on the other hand I have been waiting for "openBeOS" for many years. ;)

When I tried Syllable on my "home-grown" pc (same one I tried out with SkyOS) that had a relatively standard MSI motherboard, 3com ethernet card, nvidia video card, it did not work. I don't have the PC anymore so I cannot be more specific, sorry.

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RE: Not a bad review...
by nadiasvertex on Wed 12th Jul 2006 04:13 in reply to "Not a bad review..."
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What additional detail would you have wanted?

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RE[2]: Not a bad review...
by Tuishimi on Wed 12th Jul 2006 04:20 in reply to "RE: Not a bad review..."
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I would have been more interested in what has not been implemented and why, what's needed to get there. Also a roadmap of what is to come in addition to a high-level review of options and performance.

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