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Microsoft The European Commission fined Microsoft 280.5 million euros ($357.3 million) on Wednesday to punish its failure to comply with a landmark 2004 antitrust ruling.
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My God
by liamdawe on Wed 12th Jul 2006 16:24 UTC
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That is a large amount, me starts to wonder what the EU will do with this money?!

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RE: My God
by Joe User on Wed 12th Jul 2006 16:32 in reply to "My God"
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Donate this money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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RE: My God
by kwanbis on Wed 12th Jul 2006 16:35 in reply to "My God"
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probably buy some Vista licenses ;)

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RE[2]: My God
by rapont on Wed 12th Jul 2006 17:20 in reply to "RE: My God"
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It probably resembles the amount of money that the EU governments have spent with Microsoft over the years.... good on them.

I think though that they should give the money to something like the EFF, or some body that will help architect open source software development of systems that governments use. At least that way they can reduce their dependency on single corporate entities and whatever work they manage to do all governments (including first and third world) can benefit from.

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RE: My God
by Felix Schwarz on Wed 12th Jul 2006 16:35 in reply to "My God"
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The money will be used in the general EU budget (subsidizing big farmers).


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RE: My God
by AdamW on Wed 12th Jul 2006 17:15 in reply to "My God"
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"the EU has an agreed budget of 862 billion for the period 2007-2013" - that's 123 billion per year.

As for Microsoft, for the financial year 2005 - that's July 2004 to June 2005 (2006 full year results aren't out yet) - they made $40 billion in revenue and $12 billion in profit.

280 million is pretty much a drop in the ocean to both parties, if looked at in context.

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by Woogbear on Wed 12th Jul 2006 17:24 in reply to "My God"
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