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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.2 has been released. "PC-BSD software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD 1.2 for x86 based processors. PC-BSD 1.2 now utilizes the FreeBSD advanced ULE scheduler and is compiled with optimizations for 686 processors (all support for 386, 486 and 586 microcode is disabled in kernel). This release of PC-BSD ushers in a new era of stability and simplicity for desktop operating systems based on UNIX, making it a solid release for home and business usage."
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RE[2]: Wait a minute
by antik on Fri 14th Jul 2006 12:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Wait a minute"
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This is kind of confusing, most Linux distros, and the BSDs have install/uninstall systems, They are just not the "self extracting, vomit files all over the place, stand alone installers" They are usually an application or applications that allow you to manage what installed on the system, and can usually do all sorts of useful things like manage dependancies.

Have you read anything about PBI? PBI files are created to be as self-contained as possible. Each program will include the various libraries and programs necessary for operation (libraries are placed in same directory as program "/Programs/Opera9/lib", you can use older/newer library instead, not using already installed one in base system. That's why older PBI packages can be installed in much newer OS). From the developer's standpoint, this just requires one extra step of making sure that your PBI file contains the files necessary for your program's operation, but for end users the process is seamless. Packages can be added and removed at will, without any fear of breaking other software installed on the system.

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RE[3]: Wait a minute
by BluenoseJake on Fri 14th Jul 2006 14:32 in reply to "RE[2]: Wait a minute"
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I know about PBIs, I was just responding to the statement "Hold on, am I understanding that there is now an install/uninstall system for programs in linux etc systems now? " It sounded like the original poster, Sodapop, thought that all apps were installed by compiling from source, and I was addressing that.

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