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OSNews, Generic OSes "Microsoft and XenSource today announced they will cooperate on the development [.pdf] of technology to provide interoperability between Xen-enabled Linux and the new Microsoft Windows hypervisor technology-based Windows Server virtualization. With the resulting technology, the next version of Windows Server, code-named 'Longhorn', will provide customers with a flexible and powerful virtualization solution across their hardware infrastructure and operating system environments for cost-saving consolidation of Windows, Linux and Xen-enabled Linux distributions."
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Vista not
by cchance on Tue 18th Jul 2006 13:56 UTC
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Actually your incorrect elzurawka...

Vista is the Home based operating system not the server... the server has not been given a name yet and is still goverened as "Longhorn"

Good to see work between microsoft and linux and unfortunately im gonna get flamed about this but the linux as an app kind of fits in with what linux is really good at... sorry to say KDE and other GUI's were never my bag of tricks and keeping linux servers up to date and stable has always been a long standing issue do to the patch process and constant kernel changes... So thats why i see Linux as an App as a good move on both linux and microsoft's part.

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RE: Vista not
by alucinor on Tue 18th Jul 2006 14:10 in reply to "Vista not"
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Yeah, in this "as an app" sense, Linux acts more like the Java VM. Since it runs on so many architectures, Linux+C in a way is a VM all to itself.

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