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Windows Computerworld obtained a recent interim build of Windows Vista, Build 5472, that shows Microsoft is making progress in the areas of performance and installation time, has refined the User Account Control, updated the main Control Panel that manages networking access and settings, included mild design improvement to the Vista Basic video mode, and improved how Media Center works.
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by cchance on Fri 21st Jul 2006 15:24 UTC
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The problem with blue screens are bad drivers... not microsoft itself.

As for the size theirs a reason that its so big at the moment... debug information + the fact that every feature is technically activateable without a cd...

Also i have to backup that comment about mac osx vs vista with office2007... i've tried but office2003 and now office2007 are just much better... not to mention you can't play Crysis on mac ;) its a dx10 game

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by ThanhLy on Fri 21st Jul 2006 17:11 in reply to "EXACTLY"
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Actually it's still Microsoft's fault... for allowing drivers to run in kernel space.

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by CPUGuy on Fri 21st Jul 2006 20:05 in reply to "RE: EXACTLY"
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Not really.

FOr one, it's just a design decision. Running in kernel space allows for greater performance, but the drivers have to be better written.

So is it MS' fault they run in kernel space? Yes.
Is it their fault that the driver was poorly written? Absolutely not.

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by cyclops on Fri 21st Jul 2006 17:54 in reply to "EXACTLY"
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There is something deeply ironic about a windows user blaming the drivers.

I'm actually quite shocked with myself. Linux has turned me into a snob. I bought my computer with Linux in mind, and my computer works better with every release of the kernel.

Seriously though *if* the drivers are at fault of why a Microsofts product isn't working. Is it the manufacturer of the item who built a product to work on some OS and suddenly a new version comes out and it stops working. Should they rewrite the drivers for the new version, should microsoft. I'm smug becuase I bought harware with the source code available for them, and that means the chance of continued support is very high.

To be fair I'm only smug becuase I use Intel for my graphics, I may be more sympathetic if I'd had bought into Ati/Nvidia's stratergy of binary drivers.

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