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Internet Explorer Microsoft plans to automatically push Internet Explorer 7 to Windows XP users when the browser update is ready later this year. IE 7 will be delivered in the fourth quarter as a 'high priority' update via Automatic Updates in Windows XP, Gary Schare, Microsoft's director of IE product management, said in an interview Tuesday.
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I dont care about CSS I dont care about transparent PNG rendering. IE 7 is offering only one more feature than Maxthon on IE 6 and that is that anti phishing stuff. I dont like IE 7. And i wont use it. With Maxthon so far I am enjoying the Internet the way it should be. As far as I am concerned, IE 7 is offering me nothing new or useful. But that is me...but I am sure there are people who agree with my opinion. This is just Microsoft shoving software down your throat as the parent message suggested.

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So because you don't care about something means it's irrelevant in arguing that it is indeed more than a small step up from IE6? I doubt it.

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Your opinion. There is no right and wrong in this matter besides that Maxthon is offering all that I will need at the moment and so if Firefox. So why upgrade? How big is the download for IE 7? How big is the download for Maxthon? All of that taken in to consideration, alternatives to IE 7 win hands down.

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Actually you should be worried. Maxthon uses the IE6 rendering engine. IF they have made changes to the API etc your favourite browser may break!

Also users of web browsers hardly worry about CSS, PNG etc.... however web developers DO CARE and can create better, smaller, prettier and more robust sites with these technologies. Based on the way Maxthon is written you may get all the new stuff by proxy.. ;)

In the long run the fixes will be good for all no matter what browser you use.

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