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Novell and Ximian In a change of heart, Novell has ceased distributing proprietary software modules such as 3D video drivers that plug into the Linux kernel. The change came with Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10, released in July. With the move, Novell is aligning itself with the Free Software Foundation, which shuns proprietary software in general but in particular loathes proprietary modules that run as a component of the open-source Linux kernel.
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by Symgeosis on Tue 1st Aug 2006 19:35 UTC
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I don't see this development as a bad thing at all. The only thing that consistently breaks on my box happens to be the propriety drivers. This is why I stick with open source drivers now.

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RE: Good
by MrEcho on Tue 1st Aug 2006 20:18 in reply to "Good"
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And what drivers would that be, and how do they break?

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RE[2]: Good
by macisaac on Tue 1st Aug 2006 22:22 in reply to "RE: Good"
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well I've had "fun" with the ati fglrx drivers (particularly when dri is enabled, which is most of the point of even using them...) causing kernel panics, freezing the box and neccessitating and a hard reset.

you don't get that using the stock xorg provided drivers.

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