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Linspire reviews the Freespire release candidate, and concludes: "In short, I found it to be a fine Windows replacement desktop for home users. Without better network support, however, I still must recommend Xandros for business users who want a Windows-like experience, and SLED 10 for Linux friendly or heavy-duty office users."
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by seakryan on Thu 3rd Aug 2006 05:38 UTC
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"per the roadmap - where is the free version?
per the roadmap - is apt working, I bet CNR is working just fine isn't it."

Good question - I've been wondering where the free version was - not that I would use it. Sorry, I don't have a problem with a system with proprietary code in it. I use what works!

As far as apt/cnr - apt works just fine. What they did was pointed apt to the same repositories that CNR uses. There are programs that you pay for that you need to use CNR to install. A legal DVD player for example. Win4Lin for another. I just apt-get install synaptic and away ya go...

I just find it interesting how people get so hung up on the politics of Linux. It seems silly to me. I use several different distros including Linspire, Ubuntu, Debian. I don't hear people jumping all over Xandros or Mandriva and they have the same business model pretty much. I am not a Linux guru - I just want my desktop to work. I enjoy installing and tinkering, but I do not write code or get into the innards of Linux. I'm the guy that these Desktop Distros are trying to woo. Linspire does a good job at what they do or I wouldn't keep coming back them. Yep, I get bored since it just works - so I give another distro a shot where I have pull my hair out and figure how the heck to install something.

What I see here and at slashdot are folks who have a negative perception based on outdated and false information. Seems rather ignorant to me to carry a grudge about a simple OS. Sorry if that rubs folks wrong - I just find it weird.

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by deanlinkous on Thu 3rd Aug 2006 14:36 in reply to "YAZ"
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You seem to imply that without proprietary software and code that linux doesn't work. Sounds about like the linspire philosophy...but if I felt that way I would just use windows instead of having to deal with all the changes of linux especially as it relates to proprietary software.

What was the point of freespire if they were just going to make a no-cost linspire?

So can you apt-get upgrade? Can you apt-get install gnome? Yep, they pointed it to that convoluted mess that is the CNR warehouse, with old software and packages with security risks. How is that good?

I wouldn't think you would pull your hair out since you already stated that you know about apt/synaptic and that is how you install software on a lot of otehr distros. Maybe because you have got so used to the proprietary (CNR) way of installing you have trouble using a more common and fairly simply way of installing software?

Why is this a grudge? Can someone hold a grudge against a OS, I doubt it.

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