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Fedora Core "Is Fedora for its users, or is Fedora for Red Hat? That is, is Fedora a distribution that people should run and to which people should contribute, or is it really, as detractors have often claimed, simply a playground for new ideas on their way to Red Hat Enterprise Linux?"
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by ferrix on Thu 3rd Aug 2006 22:45 UTC
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Can't it be both? The users get something for free; the company does too. For once, everybody wins. I see no problem...

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RE: compromise
by ma_d on Fri 4th Aug 2006 00:54 in reply to "compromise"
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No one is saying the users don't get something. The fact that it's a community development effort means some users get something, but the question is what users are getting something? Developers, desktop users, office users, server administrators? Many people have pushed to consider Fedora a bleeding edge end user system and others have said "no, don't subject end users to that unless they ask for it, it's a test bed."

Some people use a testbed everyday: Paul Thurrott for one as he states in an older article from today uses Win Vista; for everything.

I think the line has blurred in the last couple of Fedora releases as it's gotten more reliable, although never more stable from release to release.

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