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Mac OS X With Automator, users can graphically assemble Actions - self-contained modules that perform a single task - into a Workflow to create a collection of Actions that complete a larger task. This Automator functionality is also available to developers for automating workflow in software development projects. This article shows you how to streamline some of the tasks you face in development projects by writing custom Shell Actions and Workflows.
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as usual ...
by dvhh on Wed 9th Aug 2006 20:07 UTC
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Apple has provide a "good but not enough" tool for people who wants to automate their task.
Applescript has been around for years and did not shine as a choice scripting language as it may be too complex for most apple users to handle it.
With OSX as it provide bash support it seem to be less than useful with the comming of automator.

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RE: as usual ...
by aesiamun on Wed 9th Aug 2006 21:45 in reply to "as usual ..."
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automator is for the average user, while it's powerful enough for a lot of users, applescript is even more so.

I've never dissected an automator script, but I tend to believe it's applescript underneath. The procedures that are revealed in Automator are all available in applescript.

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