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Windows "Apple has touted itself as the innovator in OS software; it has suggested that all the new additions in Windows Vista already exist in the most recent Mac OS X, Tiger. Microsoft might take issue with that, but there's no denying that it has struggled somewhat with Vista, which has had features cut and seen a series of delays. To find out what people on the street make of it, we asked our Vista Views panel, made up of ordinary readers, this question: Which feature in Leopard would you like to see in Vista?"
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it's the implementation not the ideas
by REM2000 on Wed 9th Aug 2006 22:39 UTC
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Microsoft are always coming with excellent ideas, the stuff on channel9 and other research labs are brilliant (WinFS was an excellent idea, it's a shame they could get it to the public).

I think the problem Microsoft have is not the ideas it's the implementation, Microsoft really needs to work on how it presents these ideas/technologies to the end user, as they are generally not as intuitive as apple.

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You hit it spot on! I am typing this on a MacBook and I have a nice PC next to me with XP. MS does make good software, no doubt about it. Personally all the Apple and MS bashing is very tiresome reading. Why can't people acknowledge strengths of each?

Microsoft does have good ideas and so does Apple. They copy each other, and features from other OS platforms. Apple does have a knack for making everything "just work" and making it easy and intuitive. Take iMove vs. Windows Movie Maker. There is no comparison here, iMovie is so much easier and offers much better results.

In the same breath, Outlook is a much more capable email app then Apple Mail, at least for all the features you get.

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That is the problem, firmly nailed on the head. That was apparently one of the problems with WinFS; couldn't figure out an interface for it.

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Come on, now?! What's so revolutionary about WinFS? The ideas of a db based file system is an old hat. Just because something shows up on the dev list of a mass market OS (Windows, OSX) does not make it an 'excellent idea'.

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