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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku news just keeps on coming lately. "HaikuLiveCDScript is a shell script to build a Haiku live CD. It downloads, decompresses, and generates a boot image and drops files in a folder ready to be burnt. Just unpack the script files and execute 'makelivecd', and wait a while."
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by Marco Ravich on Sun 13th Aug 2006 14:31 UTC
Marco Ravich
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...any chance to have a win32/64 version ?

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RE: Uhm...
by jonas.kirilla on Sun 13th Aug 2006 15:34 in reply to "Uhm..."
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You mean a Haiku installer in the form of a Windows executable? Or a one-shot CD burner application for Windows, with the Haiku CD image embedded in it?

Sure, it can be done, but it's extra work that I suspect nobody involved wants to spend time on. It's a diversion from getting Haiku done. And not everyone in the alternative software world has the Microsoft skill set.

The LiveCD Script is not produced or endorsed by the Haiku project, AFAIK. When the time comes to roll out Release 1, there will be proper cd images. It will be simple getting, burning and installing. In the meantime, development continues, and the pieces are coming together, with the TCP/IP and USB stacks being (re-)implemented. So it's still too early to expect the general population to find Haiku complete and truly useful.

Haiku don't want to make a bad first impression. That's why we have this situation where it's possible to make CDs, but yet there is no beta release. (However, the since long available harddisk images could be considered beta releases.)

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RE[2]: Uhm...
by paulojbe on Mon 14th Aug 2006 02:38 in reply to "RE: Uhm..."
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Perfect! I wrote HaikuLiveCDScript to enable people to test Haiku in real hardware in an easy way. Net and USB stacks are in development, and I think that LiveCD is a good opportunity to people test the progress made in Haiku development without need a spare machine.

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RE[2]: Uhm...
by JonathanBThompson on Mon 14th Aug 2006 06:31 in reply to "RE: Uhm..."
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Hiya, jonas.kirilla!

The fact of the matter actually is that Haiku is still too far away from being "feature complete" to even consider calling it "beta" and doing so honestly. I just installed last night's build, and there are still gaping holes, such as the fact that in the Interface Kit, you still are absolutely forced to use a mouse to navigate menus, and that's not even a kernel issue.

Regardless of your thoughts and wishes, Haiku is still very much alpha or pre-alpha status in terms of being "feature complete" and also in terms of stability: I have had perhaps a 20% success rate of booting into a useful Terminal without it either deadlocking or having a single or double page fault in the kernel. Thus, yes, the worst thing that could happen is to advertise "Hey, Haiku is a viable replacement OS now!" and have everyone run into what us on the bleeding edge have found ;)

So, no, in the interest of full disc closure (bad pun, I know!) there's no "beta release" disc for Haiku because you'd be beta off waiting (another bad pun!) until everything is feature-complete, if you are that curious, and even then, well, it'll be beta. Before then, only if you wish to track down bugs or work on the code yourself is it useful to bother with. Hey, go ahead, download it, experiment with it, find the bugs, and report on the Bugzilla if the bug hasn't been noted before and fixed ;)

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