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Qt Trolltech will ship an "open" Linux-based phone in September. The "Greenphone" features a user-modifiable Linux OS, and is meant to jumpstart a third-party native application ecosystem for Linux-based mobile phones.
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RE: Brilliant business move
by segedunum on Tue 15th Aug 2006 08:08 UTC in reply to "Brilliant business move"
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I guess that means they are feeling the heat from all of the /Nokia/Maemo/OpenHand work on embedded gtk and realize it's time to work a bit harder.

Sorry, but I doubt anyone is feeling the heat from those things. They're very scarce, few people buy them, at best they're a beta test model for Nokia thrown to the open source community and they're not mobile phones. I don't see any Nokia phone I buy using GTK, sorry.

This is about phones.

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