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Opera Software "The DS Browser ends up becoming a bullet point for the Nintendo DS system's capabilities. Yes, the Nintendo DS can now surf the internet. But after the novelty wears off, you probably won't want to", Craig Harris writes in his review. Craig was very kind to send us a DS screenshot rendering the mobile version of OSNews, although the browser seems to interpret "100%" of cell width as 800px wide instead of DS' 256px native resolution. Update: Craig sent us another shot, this time using the "small screen rendering" mode, which looked much better.
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RE[6]: Hate to break it to you
by deathshadow on Mon 21st Aug 2006 16:33 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Hate to break it to you"
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>> And it IS Opera Mobile btw. Opera Mobile does have that SVGA limit too, just like PocketIE and Webkit too on Symbian.

No... having used Opera Mobile on a Nokia series 60, I can most certainly say that what's running on the DS is NOT opera mobile - not even CLOSE.

As to what webkit does - That's exactly what opera does in 'small screen' mode (regardless of the device) - and webkit's way of doing it COULD be considered VERY wrong... Trying to check the native res of a device less than 640 pixels across when 90%+ of the web pages out there aren't written to support it is a BAD idea... Which is probably why I prefer Opera to Webkit on Symbian.

I would definately NOT call it a bad implementation of it, given that it works fine with most all EXISTING websites that don't waste time trying to send some specialized version to mobile computing devices... It assumes you want to see the REAL version of the site - if anything I'd be pointing the finger at your browser detection code server-side for sending the DS the wrong version of the website, NOT Opera's behavior. Opera on the DS is MEANT to browse the same code as the desktop version with no regard to 'specialized' versions for reduced browsers... mostly because Opera is of the opinion (one I agree with) that expecting site designers to waste time coding specialized versions just for mobile devices is impractical, unrealistic, and increasingly unneccessary as the hardware in mobile devices exceeds the processing power of desktops from a decade ago.

But again, that's likely a matter of personal preference on browser behavior - something NOBODY can really agree on.

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