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General Development Do you think design patterns are academic nonsense, useless and elitist? If this is how you feel, the aim in this chapter is to show you the opposite, because nothing could be more wrong.
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RE: Design patterns are great...
by sanders on Tue 29th Aug 2006 10:15 UTC in reply to "Design patterns are great..."
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It reminds me of "modern" C++ programmers who think it's funny and clever (well, it is) to abuse every feature of C++ to emulate features available in better languages (template metaprogramming, blasphemous uses of operator overloading, etc.)

Exactly. Everybody knows that those features of C++ aren't actually there to be used. They're just there to play around with in hobby projects.

The only feature C++ has which is worthwhile is to allow declaration close to use instead of only at the beginning of a scope, right?

For the rest, just implement one part of your project in Haskell, another in ML, a small bit if Perl for the nice regex stuff, bolt in a Javascript interpreter for easy prototyping, some VB, a bit of Java for the nice OO there, and with contract enforcement layers in Eiffel (oh and the performance critical parts in assembly, of course).

Using a single language which tries hard to be multi-paradigm is just funny and clever.

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