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Gentoo is reporting on the release of Gentoo Linux 2006.1. Building on the strengths of previous releases and featuring all of Gentoo's well-documented flexibility, performance and portability, this release is now available on all supported architectures. The most popular architectures now use GCC 4.1, glibc 2.4 and baselayout 1.12.1, as well as including a new profile layout, with seperate desktop and server profiles.
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RE: Aww...
by devrx on Thu 31st Aug 2006 13:00 UTC in reply to "Aww..."
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Well, I run gentoo and use both a dual-core Opteron 165 @2.5GHz and an Athlon64 3200 to compile (using distcc to distribute the compiling over the machines). It's very fast at compiling, but still much slower than a binary install. Also, many packages have to be compiled with make -j1 (i.e. only one file is compiled at a time) because otherwise the build process breaks, so adding more cores doesn't help with them.

Having said that, the advantages of gentoo make up for the compile times for me.

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