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Linspire Starting today, Linspire does not only offer a free OS, but also its CNR Basic service. " Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name and Freespire, the free community desktop Linux operating system, announced the immediate change in pricing for its popular CNR Service from an annual subscription fee based offering to a completely free service." CEO Carmony said: "We're thrilled to now be in a position to offer this excellent service to desktop Linux users absolutely free. CNR really makes using desktop Linux easy, and we want everyone to have access to this quality service."
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by deanlinkous on Thu 31st Aug 2006 15:47 UTC
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Still throwing that fud word around when in actuality none was provided and the things I stated I supportted with factual information.

We aren't talking about YOU we are talking about joe user who ends up running linspire as root and who you claim to be your target audience and everything just working.

The other linux distros do not claim to be the "worlds easiest linux" or other fun phrases and statements. You like to play both sides too much. One minute it is the easiest linux and no command line is needed, yet the next minute when someone points out a support article from linspire that shows command line is needed to do something you immediately switch arguments to - well no linux is perfect. Then in the next sentence state that everyone should be using your linux that just want it to work.

sidestepping....flip floppping.....whatever...

It is not helping my opinion of *spire at all.

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RE: well
by Windows Sucks on Thu 31st Aug 2006 16:41 in reply to "well"
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I have never used an OS (Well the old Mac OS maybe) where I don't have to use the command line for something at some point.

Mac OS

Some where along the way, at some point you may have to use the command line.

The difference is of the small Linux versions Linspire is the most easy to use out the box. Facts is facts on that. (Being that you have to spend an hour or so getting Ubuntu to do the things you normally want to do like view flash, java etc)

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