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Windows Microsoft's Windows Vista RC 1 is done. Now it's up to the estimated 6 million testers to which the company is planning to release the code to determine if it really is ready for prime time. Microsoft has posted the RC 1 build, Number 5600, on its TechBeta Web sites for select technical beta testers, including TAP partners, on September 1. Microsoft is planning to broaden the beta to include up to six million participants, total, some time next week, according to industry sources. Cnet has a video introduction to Vista RC1. Elsewhere, people are going bonkers over Vista's... Start up sound. Major Tom to ground control?
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And any other combination of beeps is pretty much random and probably undocumented. It's like the POST beep because it's a comfort sound that says everything seems to be working.

Please post when you have some experience on the subject. Motherboards have several ways of indicating hardware errors, the most common being the beep, but there's also mobos with voice messages and others with led number codes. In most of the cases, they provide you with documentation enough to tell the difference between errors, such as no ram, no cpu cooling plugged, wrong voltage, overheating, etc...

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