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Gentoo Another review of Gentoo 2006.1. In one respect, Gentoo Linux 2006.1 is the same as it's always been, except with newer software on the installation media. Beginning with version 2006.0, though, a graphical environment was added to the live CD along with an installation program that rarely worked properly. The good news is, the installer works reasonably well in Gentoo 2006.1; the bad news is, it's still quicker and easier to install by hand via the command line.
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Weird. I run Gentoo on my main machine, but gave the graphic installer a try on my much weaker Via based machine. Since using Gentoo uses a stage3 install by default, by not selecting additional packages, I had a fully working system with KDE installed in 20 minutes.

The advantage of using the stage3 is that you get a working machine up fast and then you can go and recompile things as you want from within your working system. No flipping between virtual terminals as you mentioned.

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