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Windows Microsoft's Windows Vista RC 1 is done. Now it's up to the estimated 6 million testers to which the company is planning to release the code to determine if it really is ready for prime time. Microsoft has posted the RC 1 build, Number 5600, on its TechBeta Web sites for select technical beta testers, including TAP partners, on September 1. Microsoft is planning to broaden the beta to include up to six million participants, total, some time next week, according to industry sources. Cnet has a video introduction to Vista RC1. Elsewhere, people are going bonkers over Vista's... Start up sound. Major Tom to ground control?
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"And any other combination of beeps is pretty much random and probably undocumented. It's like the POST beep because it's a comfort sound that says everything seems to be working."

Ohh, I can pretty much tell you that my fathers PC chimes when he logs on, and his computer is infected with spyware and probably with virus too. Is slow and bloated. So there's no guarantees that because it chimed it's really doing well, without problems. And the POST beeps is well known for those that repaired PCs for years. No need to tell the normal user «hey, it seems that I'm missing a memory module». Even if your PC is broken, there's possibly no way to make any other thing but beep the speaker. If your machine is not even able to beep the speaker is because is completely destroyed (or a severe motherboard malfunction).

"It is the hardware."

Well, yes, but not by itself.

"I mean, did you read what I wrote, or are you just taking random clips of it as inspiration for an entirely unrelated expression of your opinion on completely different topics? That's fine and all, but you might want to preface it with "this made me thing of something..."

I don't remember by now what you wrote. I write as I reply to you with topics you have provided to me. If I went a little off topic here, sorry, but I don't find myself fixed to talking about one and only one thing.

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