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OSNews, Generic OSes 12 years after the project was conceived, and after a long period in which it was useable though incomplete, FreeDOS has reached version 1.0. The ISO is downloadable at SourceForge. Versions with more extras should be available soon, as should a mail-order option.
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RE[4]: 12 years!
by Coxy on Mon 4th Sep 2006 19:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: 12 years!"
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Those aren't facts.

Better results? And faster? Have the makers of FreeDos developed the largest software company in existance? Better results my arse. Less time? MS finished their product years ago!!! lol

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RE[5]: 12 years!
by n0xx on Mon 4th Sep 2006 21:08 in reply to "RE[4]: 12 years!"
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From :

"MS-DOS began as QDOS (for Quick and Dirty Operating System), written by Tim Paterson for computer manufacturer Seattle Computer Products (SCP) in 1980."


"Latest stable release: 8.0 / September 14, 2000"


Ok, so it wasn't not 15 years, it was 20. FreeDOS had fewer developers and no corporate backend and they still managed to produce something that's not as good, it's better than MS-DOS out of the "box"! Why?

From the "About" section @ :

"Easy multiboot with Win95-2003 and NT/XP/ME
FAT32 file system and large disk support (LBA)
LFN support (with several tools, and FreeCOM (COMMAND.COM).)
LBACACHE - disk cache (harddisks in CHS and LBA mode, diskette)
Memory Managers: HIMEM, EMM386, UMBPCI
SHSUCDX (MSCDEX replacement) and CD-ROM driver (XCDROM)
CUTEMOUSE - Mouse driver with scroll wheel support
FDAPM - APM info/control/suspend/poweroff, ACPI throttle, HLT energy saving...
XDMA - UDMA driver for DOS: up to 4 harddisks
MPXPLAY - media player for mp3, ogg, wmv... with built-in AC97 and SB16 drivers
7ZIP, INFO-ZIP zip & unzip... - modern archivers are available for DOS
EDIT / SETEDIT - multi window text editors
HTMLHELP - help viewer, can read help directly from a zip file
PG - powerful text viewer (similar to V. D. Buerg's LIST)
many text mode programs ported from Linux thanks to DJGPP
GRAPHICS - greyscale hardcopy on ESC/P, HP PCL and PostScript printers

And as if that wasn't enough, theres's still FreeDOS 32. .

Freedos: Not your father's old DOS.


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