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Gentoo Another review of Gentoo 2006.1. In one respect, Gentoo Linux 2006.1 is the same as it's always been, except with newer software on the installation media. Beginning with version 2006.0, though, a graphical environment was added to the live CD along with an installation program that rarely worked properly. The good news is, the installer works reasonably well in Gentoo 2006.1; the bad news is, it's still quicker and easier to install by hand via the command line.
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I would never want to install Gentoo from a command line on the computer I was installing it on.
The first time I installed Gentoo I booted the CD, started an SSH daemon, went on another computer and ssh'd in so that I could use the browser on the other computer.

After that installation, the next time I installed Gentoo I used a knoppix live CD. This way I could work directly on it and use a web browser.

Now that it has a graphical live environment I use that CD and don't have to worry about anything.

I wasn't about to page through a guide using 'more' or 'less' and I wasn't about to print out the install documentation.

The only way, for me anyway, to install Gentoo is to use a web browser whether it is on their live CD, a different live CD or another computer.

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