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GNU, GPL, Open Source David Wheeler does a cross-examination of the GPL and BSD and why the GPL and Linux specifically have managed to attract a larger number of corporate contributors. "If your goal is to get an idea or approach widely used to the largest possible extent, a permissive license like the BSD (or MIT) license has much to offer. If your goal is to have a useful program that stays useful long-term, then a protective license like the LGPL or GPL licenses has much to offer. Protective licenses force the cooperation that is good for everyone in the long term, if a long-term useful project is the goal."
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If I was a company...
by fretinator on Thu 21st Sep 2006 02:56 UTC
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Why would I want to use the GPL?

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RE: If I was a company...
by thjayo on Thu 21st Sep 2006 05:20 in reply to "If I was a company..."
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> Why would I want to use the GPL?

Actually, if you were a company willing to open up your code, it would pretty logical to use the GPL instead of a BSD-style license.
Using a BSD-style license, another company could grab your code and close it up, while using GPL, the changes would have to be public (and in public, you as a company, get to see it too).

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RE[2]: If I was a company...
by Soulbender on Thu 21st Sep 2006 06:21 in reply to "RE: If I was a company..."
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"Using a BSD-style license, another company could grab your code and close it up"

I just love how people keep spreading this nonsense.
BSD-licensed code cant be "closed" since, unsurprisingly, there's to way to remove everyone else's copy. Person A can't close code that person B has released under a BSD-license since person B, and presumably many others, already have a copy of the code and no, person A releasing their copy of it under a different license does not affect person B's code.
The main difference is simply that the GPL forces person A to make available *their own changes and derived work* publicly while the BSD license allows person A to keep their changes secret.
It has nothing *WHATSOEVER* to do with "closing" any already existing code.
This is not rocket science to understand.

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