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Microsoft Two US software firms are asking the European Commission to take action against Microsoft's new Vista operating system, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Adobe Systems has told EU regulators that Microsoft should be banned from incorporating free competing software for reading and creating electronic documents with Vista, the paper said, quoting people familiar with the situation. Anti-virus software maker Symantec will send officials to Brussels next week to brief journalists about features of Vista that it has told EU regulators will undercut rival makers of computer security software, the paper said.
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You think that because you're very young into computing. MS has already destroyed lots of better companies with better products, and the trend is not stopping.

I was thinking the same thing. Some people posting on this are either very young and don't know what the anti-trust trial was about, or they just misunderstood the whole thing.

I don't expect MS to stop turning out products in different markets since they are a software company after all. They just have to play nicer then they did in the past.

You realise this choice is not an easy one ? No you don't. And that's all because of MS and its monopoly.

It's not because of a monopoly. It's because no one has challenged them on key features. Apple could challenge on the desktop, but they're happy with their hardware and ten percent. Linux might be able to challenge in linking desktops, but Active Directory, Exchange, and dime a dozen MCSEs are MS's aces. It's all about the feature set.

Adobe is just worried about getting their monopoly challenged. Nothing to cry about there.

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