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Windows "Windows Vista is actually quite interesting for an administrator. When I first saw it on MSDN, I thought, "Over 2 Gig's. What could they have done for it to be that large without the drastic new UI?" Well, I have been looking at this thing for about a week now and I uncover more and more each time that I look into it. I am going to cover some of the enhancements that Vista will provide for administrators as well as a few neat little tidbits that I have not seen much of."
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Fedora core is far more bloated than Windows Vista

You don't have to install all four cds if you don't want to. Fedora gives you the option during install.

...and much of it is redundant functionality and don't get me started on the brain-dead dependancy set that requires one to download *all four* cd images to do a "personal desktop" installation when the required packages would fit just nicely on *one*

It only takes two cds. 90% of it fits on one and then you have to put the other disk in for a minute. It's really not as bad as you make it seem, especially since you usually have to put in a few driver disks for Windows after you install it and Windows comes with next to nothing for packages.

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