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NetBSD NetBSD is the oldest and least-used of the three major BSD derivatives. David Chisnall takes a look at how it's survived for so long and where it's going in preparation for the next release.
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But what annoys me is that it gives people the power to
take other people'freedom away.

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Such comments always gets me started.

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Such comments always gets me started.

Yet you didn't start ;) But, I think the guy has a point, despite formulating it a bit edgy. We - I mean myself and some other people in my situation - sometimes forget that it's not the license that chooses the people, it's the people that choose the license. Meaning, that someone who picks a bsd-style license knows all too well that by that move anybody can pick up that code and make money from it. So it somebody does that, it's _not_ steeling anybody's work or freedom, they are just doing what they were allowed to do.

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Right. That's what the comment was meant to do. His comment on the BSD license wasn't even on topic, imho. What does the license have to do with the fact that BSD runs on more than toasters or how NetBSD has survived so long.

It's an ego thing to start that fight. It is a self enhancing thing to do. People feel more themselves if they can feel greater separation from 'others' this way. "This is ME and my opinion!" It is a self seeking thing to do, what the ego is constantly doing. Read up on Eckhart Tolle or google video his talks to see what I'm talking about. Some of his book chapters are on the net which is probably easier to start with.

This is something that would be nice to have more tech savvy people know about. That is: egoic arguements about OS/licenses/software/etc etc....

If you know the mental mechanics behind the statement, you'll perhaps gain a deeper perspective on what and why the person is saying that. Hope this helps.

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I think a definition is needded:
"One's freedom is limited by the freedom of the others".

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