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SCO, Caldera, Unixware A declaration by SCO's backer, BayStar has revealed that the software Giant Microsoft had more links to the anti-Linux bad-boy. The declaration made by from BayStar general partner Larry Goldfarb has turned up as part of IBM's evidence to the court. Goldfarb says that Baystar had been chucking USD 50 million at SCO despite concerns that it had a high cash burn rate. He also claims that former Microsoft senior VP for corporate development and strategy Richard Emerson discussed "a variety of investment structures wherein Microsoft would 'backstop', or guarantee in some way, BayStar's investment". Thanks to The Inq for the summary.
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Ah! The well-known Microsoft 180. Kiss kiss, let's do a deal. Drop dead. Well, not to try to teach Mr. Goldfarb anything, since he's the businessman, not I, but isn't life's highway littered with companies who thought it'd be remunerative to be a Microsoft partner, only to end up as roadkill?

I'm pretty sure I can't find THAT in the sworn statement.
If you bothered to read what I actually wrote I did NOT target the statement that was posted, but I targeted PJ's comments that were in the article.

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Yeah, and I asked you specifically what you targetted and you didn't want to answer.

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I apologize for assuming you had reading and comprehension abilities and therefore thought it was enough to point to the article for FUD example.

What I didn't feel like doing was dig up the example of PJ outright lying.
Something I did comment on when I used to visit groklaw regularly, under a different name, and left for good when the only responses were from PJ fanbois who had nothing to say.

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