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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Some nice-looking screenshots of Microsoft's next version of Windows Mobile - codenamed 'Crossbow' - have popped up on the web to show the upcoming operating system's swankier graphics. The images come courtesy of MSMobileNews, which has a selection of shots on offer. Meanwhile, the similarly names MSMobiles has a smaller pic showing Windows Mobile 6.0/Windows Mobile 2007's Vista-like folder icons.
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UI Changes
by REM2000 on Wed 11th Oct 2006 12:26 UTC
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As the article points out, Microsoft have been critised for UI design, which for some apps i can understand, some apps like word are pretty barren and don't make maximum use of the screen. Applications such as Pocket Informant shows that lots of information can be displayed without any problems.

The biggest problem i have with PocketPC's is the poor memory management. Apps leak, memory dries up, things have gotten better in 5 but not that far.

The other problem is the amount of processes that PocketPC can handle, i think the max is about 32, which can easily be reached on a pocketpc, and becomes the norm in Smartphones which have lots of small utility apps running on start up.

Finally application wise, i wish microsoft would come up with some pocketpc version of access (i know there are alternatives but they are always so clumsy) something which can store data and move it between pc and pda quickly.

Overall im not really interested in the next version which really is WinCE 5 R2, im more interested in the version after (2008) as this will contain the biggest improvments to the platform.

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RE: UI Changes
by mmu_man on Thu 12th Oct 2006 13:32 in reply to "UI Changes"
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> The other problem is the amount of processes that
> PocketPC can handle, i think the max is about 32

32 ? wow, I think even my ORIC Atmos can do that now with LUnix =)
seriously, this is a big improvement over the 16 max it was at some point ;)
Besides, IIRC it was a fixed partition, which meant apps could use 1/16 of the RAM max or so. But maybe it was only for a particular platform ?

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