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Slackware, Slax "Zenwalk 3 is an operating system based on Patrick Volkerding's Slackware GNU/Linux distribution, version 10.2. The entire operating system fits on a single CD, and stays true to what the author calls the 'Zen philosophy'. This philosophy, as it has been coined, refers to Zenwalk's policy of including one application per task. I've had a few problems with Slackware and Slackware-related systems in the past, but Zenwalk has alleviated all of my stress regarding those issues. Here's why."
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A wonderful Live CD
by Temcat on Mon 16th Oct 2006 13:21 UTC
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Writing this from under ZenLive. It's very fast - in fact, I can't notice I'm working with a Live CD, apart from application startup times. Even Firefox flies on it! Boot process is fast, too. All partitions on your disks are mounted automatically. XFCE 4.3.99 is clean, powerful and beautiful, if a little awkward as far as panel configuration goes (panel has always been my pet peeve in variuos incarnations of XFCE). Basic development tools are included, which allowed me to compile eciadsl driver and connect to Internet.

Now to the weaknesses.

1) Major: This Live CD is not very suitable for work when your native keyboard layout is not Latin-based, since there is no GUI-based way to add more layouts. For example, I'm Russian, so I'd like to be able to type Cyrillic letters. By launching ZenLive's Keyboardconfig tool, I can select Russian layout, but then I'm losing the English one - and therefore can't even enter the password to restore English input! (I worked around this by copy-pasting text from Firefox.)

2) Minor: IMHO the native GUI tools for package management leave much to be desired. Slapt-get/gslapt combo would be friendlier.

3) Extremely minor: For using as a recovery CD, inclusion of Midnight Commander would be desirable.

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