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Linux With Namesys founder Hans Reiser recently arrested as the prime suspect in the disappearance of his estranged wife, a brief thread on the lkml discussed the future of ReiserFS. According to a report at, employees at Namesys are circling their wagons and plan to continue working on the project 'in the short term.' One employee admits, "we are rather shaken and stressed at the moment, although I cannot say we didn't see it coming."
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I find your comments distasteful, I guess reiserfs will be pulled out of the kernel and reiser4 really never had a chance of making it in.

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If Reiser were to be pulled from the kernel because of a murder case - then Id loose a lot of respect for the devs responsible - what - because it wouldnt suit the image or what ?

It would be a decision taken in no way for technical reasons but for politics & image-polishing - Id find that a Very irritating decision.

It would bring in "local" issues & make the needs of companies / users in place more important than thoses in others .

That would not be global collaboration - but the development of a global project would be influenced by local crap .

This idea just really irritates me a lot .

Reiser 4 ?
Somebody will pick up the development IMO ;) - If it all goes downhill .

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I doubt it. Lots of people have all their valuable data stored in ReiserFS, and suddenly it should be pulled out of the kernel because one developer (OK, the lead developer) goes to court? Do you think the masses will accept to lose all their data because it's morally "wrong" to use what a criminal (if he is guilty) has contributed to? And do you think it's morally "right" to punish all these ReiserFS-users for what the developer did? Did you know that Bill Gates has been to prison (ok, it wasn't murder, but you get the point), should we now destroy all windows running computers in the world and blame Gates?

Anyway, IF they should find out that they want to pull it out of the kernel, it wouldn't take long before the distros started adding reiserfs-patches to their kernels.

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Holy self-righteousness batman !

As french humorist Coluche said, "you can laugh about anything, but not with anyone".

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As french humorist Coluche said, "you can laugh about anything, but not with anyone".

AFAIK it was humorist and journalist Pierre Desproges who wrote that...

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