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Windows Among the few things I'm proud of in my life, not having had contact with Windows when I first "met" a computer is somewhere around the top. Indeed, the first computer I used ran Unix, and I have been using Unices myself for some time.
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Invincible Cow
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Then came the problem of the interface. I'm used to having the Minimize button in the upper left part of my Windows. I simply don't care that Microsoft's UI experts believe most users would prefer it the way it is now, I want to move it, which I can do in just about any X11 window manager, and, as far as I can remember, even on AmigaOS or OS X, with third party tools. I couldn't find a similar option on Windows.
I want the X to be at the top right corner of the screen when the window is maximized. ( )
Now I've tried quite a few window managers (at least 11 that I can remember right now) but NONE of them has this FUNDAMENTAL feature. I don't care if some Linux UI "experts" never closes their windows, but I want to be able to close mine.

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That's a horrible idea. Windows should be difficult to close, at least difficult enough that doing it accidentally is unlikely. By putting the close button in the corner you make it much more accessible...

I'd say having the minimize in the corner would be a better idea.

In the mean time, you might look into alt+f4, it's easier than moving the mouse.

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Unless you've done something really weird, the X will be in the top right corner in KDE and Gnome and with many different WM's. So it will also be in Windows. The problem is the small gap between the maximize/restore-button and the close-button. It should be twice as large (at the very least) and the distance should be customizable in order to handle large resolutions (1600*1200 on a 17"-monitor).

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Unlike in Windows there's always a 1 pixel border. When there's no border you CAN'T miss it because you can't move the mouse too far.

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