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Windows Among the few things I'm proud of in my life, not having had contact with Windows when I first "met" a computer is somewhere around the top. Indeed, the first computer I used ran Unix, and I have been using Unices myself for some time.
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RE[4]: Overdone
by MacTO on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 20:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Overdone"
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You wouldn't go into an Apple store expecting everything to work on your Windows box. You wouldn't go into a PC retailer and expect everything to work on your Macintosh. Why would you go into either one and expect everything to work under Linux.

I did my research before buying a Linux box, and every bit of hardware works once it is booted off a Linux installer or live CD. I don't need to use dmesg, Google, forums, mailing lists, how-tos, or the midnight oil just to get things working. In fact, I barely even had to touch Google in order to do the research.

Now if only I could say the same thing about Windows, which can hardly be considered as stable unless I download the latest drivers from ATI.

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RE[5]: Overdone
by Tom K on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 21:35 in reply to "RE[4]: Overdone"
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Indeed, yet you entirely missed the point.

The point was the process one has to take when a piece of hardware DOESN'T just work out of the box in Linux.

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RE[6]: Overdone
by MacTO on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 22:03 in reply to "RE[5]: Overdone"
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You can expect to have that sort of trouble with poorly supported hardware on any operating system. For example, I have a LocalTalk printer. It works very well under Mac OS X and it works fairly well under Linux. Unless I buy third party software, it will not work in Windows XP. It will work under Windows NT 4 Server and Windows 2000 Professional, but you will have to dig rather deeply into Microsoft's documentation just to figure out how to set it up. But it would be silly of me to blame Microsoft or their operating system simply because it is difficult to setup a printer that they were not even interested in supporting.

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