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Linspire In the midst of the busy semester here at school, my fiancee's laptop, running Windows XP SP2, picked up some friends - adware, trojans, etc. It was a pretty nasty sight. I worked on it for at least two hours every couple of days, wiping it clean, doing my best to lock it down, and so on. Avast! and Ad-Aware had their limits it seemed, for only a day or so after I cleaned it, pop-ups and weird stuff would show up again. She was getting sick of it. I was getting sick of cleaning it, so I suggested, offhand, installing a different operating system that is a bit more impervious to those nasties. To my surprise, she agreed.
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Anyone remember?
by Ronald Vos on Tue 24th Oct 2006 15:49 UTC
Ronald Vos
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Anyone remember Linspire offering the South Korean an attractive package deal for switching all their computers from Windows to Linspire, when SK had a scuffle with Microsoft?

Perhaps it was wise that they declined.

And for the people lambasting the author for 'not doing research', 'giving Linux to a noob' and 'trying to install it on a laptop': what gives?!?

Is Linux 'ready for the desktop' or not? Freespire has long claimed that it was ready, so how is it the author's fault for giving it a test-drive?
He even tried booting from live-cd first, what more do you want?
It's as if they're not going to be happy unless only happy successtories are posted.

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RE: Anyone remember?
by sbergman27 on Tue 24th Oct 2006 16:22 in reply to "Anyone remember?"
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"""Is Linux 'ready for the desktop' or not? Freespire has long claimed that it was ready, so how is it the author's fault for giving it a test-drive?"""

Why didn't he just buy a copy of MacOS X and install it on the existing laptop? Because it wouldn't install at all? Is MacOS X ready for the desktop or not?

His final solution was to buy hardware designed for the OS running on it... as he could have done with Linspire/Freespire at *far* lower expense.

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RE[2]: Anyone remember?
by egon_spengler on Tue 24th Oct 2006 16:34 in reply to "RE: Anyone remember?"
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Apple has always held close rein on the OS, as is generally known, and makes no pretension to be installable on anything OTHER than Apple hardware. However, Linux distros (other than perhaps a PPC distro) make no such claims, such as XYZ distro will ONLY install on a Toshiba Model Framistat12. Thus, it is by no means the fault of the author for failing to expect Freespire to work after the marketing, is it?

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RE: Anyone remember?
by netpython on Tue 24th Oct 2006 16:54 in reply to "Anyone remember?"
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Is Linux 'ready for the desktop' or not?

Of course it is.It was ready 10 years ago.The question is:"Whose Desktop?".

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