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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "When eWEEK Labs first reviewed Sun Microsystems' Solaris 10 early last year, we were impressed by the new facilities the operating system offered for better serving up applications and making the most of the SPARC and x86 hardware on which it runs. With this summer's Solaris 10 update, labeled 6/06, Sun has significantly improved on its already excellent operating system with the addition of the much-heralded Zettabyte File System."
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server and developer market share
by project_2501 on Tue 24th Oct 2006 23:51 UTC
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The combination of:

* performance - eg project fire-engine, ZFS
* flexibility - eg containers, brandz
* innovation - eg DTRACE
* stable consistent platform - Sun has a long history in UNIX
* improving hardware support - from accelerated nvidia to broadcom ethernet, from sound on my Dell laptop to "just works" 1680x1050 display, even USB keys are mounted
* price - almost gratis free even for commercial use
* very sound development model - see interaction between sun employees and the public community at

will make it very likely that Solaris will become the primary OS used in server rooms and on developers desktops, if not in kiosk mode.

application support is getting there (adobe flash, realplayer are good signs). hardware support is improving unlike the half-hearted attempts at earlier x86 ports.

i'm seriously impressed with Sun's level of commitment to OS innovation, and to opening it up to the public.

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performance, flexibility, innovation, stable consistent platform, improving hardware support, price, very sound development model

Exactly, it's a pity I can't give you more points. Sun has managed to make reality out of many buzzwords that other companies only use every so often, but generally miserably fail to realize.

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