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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Ubuntu team announced the release of Ubuntu 6.10, codenamed 'Edgy Eft'. Highlights for the desktop include GNOME 2.16, Firefox 2.0, 2.0.4, Gaim 2.0 and two new applications, F-Spot and Tomboy. This release also features a pre-release of the upcoming LTSP-5, as well as the usual updates of the base system, with GCC 4.1.1, Glibc 2.4 and Linux 2.6.17. There's a screenshot tour already, while Mark Shuttleworth commented on the news concerning Oracle and Linux. Update: The first review in what will probably become a long list. Update II: Kubuntu 6.10 is released as well.
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RE[3]: non-free software
by Lunitik on Thu 26th Oct 2006 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: non-free software"
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Actually, they are not deselected by default, they are simply there for you to use.

Yes, I understand many consider this to be illegal, however I'd argue that it is better to present the best Linux can be rather than explaining to someone that doesn't care "your graphics card doesn't work because we're license zealots"...

Surely its a better approach to show what it can be, then explain things once they get comfortable?

Either way, you're not forced to use it, so it doesn't really effect you. Let me point out however, Ubuntu is the most popular distro right now... why do you think that is?

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