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Java Demonstrating a perhaps more aggressive path than anticipated, Sun Microsystems is set to announce the open-sourcing of the core Java platform within 30 to 60 days, Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz said at the Oracle OpenWorld conference on Wednesday morning.
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Different worlds we come from. And yes, this particular case is just a single case.

The problem with the server was the code was utter crap. GIS application, it was using memory to do image processing on pieces that sometimes exceeded physical memory. Lots and lots of 100's of megabyte allocations and deallocations per second isn't exactly something java excels at.

The server consistently crashes on:
Sun Hardware - solars 8 & 9, Sun's VM
x86 Hardware - sun official, blackdown, ibm, some other one
amd64 Hardware - sun official

Some of the VM's above lasted longer than others (10's of hours compared with few hours).

Again, this is a single example. On the server side.

A big reason why associates of mine in the unix world who run EXCLUSIVELY linux/bsd on their desktop don't like java much is because of the resources required to run the applications, not to mention how desktop applications are still generally very picky about which version of the VM they run on.

There's more excitement about newer server frameworks using ruby, python, lua. On the high performance side more than a few people are looking forward to getting their hands on 'D' as a production language.

The JVM getting released is interesting , but I still believe it's several years too late. The technology in the VM is likely going to be more interesting than JAVA itself.

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Lots and lots of 100's of megabyte allocations and deallocations per second isn't exactly something java excels at.

Did you try reengineering your application to accomodate the fact that GCs generally suck at rapidly allocating/deallocating memory? There isn't enough time for the GC to be called, hence your application is crashing. It's a no brainer, really.

Tried reusing objects or object pooling?

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