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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft will make a surprise announcement at the Nov. 1 launch of Windows CE 6.0, according to the Web's rumor-mill. In what would be its most substantial nod to the open-source movement, Microsoft is rumored to be opening up CE 6.0's entire kernel as 'shared source'. Update: It's official.
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Yup, it's not Open Source.

It doesn't allow for modifications of sources unless they are for Windows CE only, and the license do not allow for distribution unless for Windows CE only.

With such terms it cannot be considered Open Source.

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Marcellus Member since:

It is most certainly not closed source at least.

Like how "not Open Source" does not equal "Closed Source" and the other way around.

Disregarding any discussion on if it's called "open" or "shared" source, this is most certainly going to be appreciated by a lot of companies.
Companies that for one reason or another don't want to use GPL stuff, and for one reason or another don't want to base their product on BSD.

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It's not closed source, it's not open source. It's shared source.

The reason why this can happen, is because it gives more freedom than closed source, but doesn't give you as much freedom as open source. So it ends in the middle, being neither (with this particular MS-license).

But no doubt it'll be useful for those who develop for Windows CE. They couldn't care less about porting it to non-Windows CE platform.

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