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Microsoft Microsoft said Monday it has finalized the code for Office 2007, marking the completion of the first of two key projects for the software giant. Both Windows Vista and Office are slated for release to big businesses on Nov. 30. Microsoft has issued near-final test releases of Vista, but has not yet completed the final, or 'gold', code for the new operating system.
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RE[3]: "Gone Gold"
by brewmastre on Tue 7th Nov 2006 13:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: "Gone Gold""
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I didn't say anything about it being less secure, I am referring to how bloated XP becomes once you load all the patches on it. I don't remember the exact numbers but they speak for themselves: XP System dir Prepatch = 950M; XP System dir now w/ all patches installed = 2.4G. You can't seriously tell me that Windows doesn't get more and more bloated and slow with every patch MS throws at it.
I think a good quote that says it all is: "You can think of Windows XP as a house with a second floor built of spackle, wood filler and duct tape."

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RE[4]: "Gone Gold"
by DittoBox on Tue 7th Nov 2006 17:44 in reply to "RE[3]: "Gone Gold""
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And if you knew what you were talking about...

Every time you install a patch is backs up the old files. In the cases of SP1 and then SP2 it essentially makes a backup of the entire Windows directory. Any file that SPn replaces is backed up and compressed in the process.

My one year old, 4.2 gig Windows directory has 2.6 gig of it residing in the "$NtUninstallx," "$NtServicePackUninstall," "ServicePackFiles," and "Installer" directories. Another 200 megabytes is used by the dllcache directory which contains current backups in case of malware trying to replace system files. Various driver files take up another 200-300 meg.

Most of the what's in my Windows directory isn't bloat, it's backups and drivers. A lowly amount of 1.4 gigabytes is all that windows uses on a day to day basis barring drivers. The average fresh Windows SP2 install is about 1.1 gig.

It doesn't get slower, and the software itself doesn't get bloated. It's gets slower because of registry bloat and software creep.

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