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PC-BSD This is the 4th installment of a series of guides to configuring and installing PC-BSD. The past 3 parts can be found here. In this part of the guide they cover installing Amarok, Limewire, Azureus and Streamtuner.
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by Jody on Sun 14th Aug 2005 15:39 UTC
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This may be flamebait on this story but I though I would point out how easy it can be to get Ubuntu up and running. I have to spend hours after installing almost every distro to add mp3, flash, java, xmms, multimedia codecs etc. This is copy paste stuff with the help of sites like but check out the extras CD in this thread

To install the CD to HDD run:
sudo sh /media/cdrom0/

To install every package on it run:
sudo sh $HOME/ -auto

(-auto option optional ;)

And that is it, 2 commands to get a full up and running Linux distro wupporting multimedia etc. For the first time in ~7 years I would have to say that the Linux desktop may actually be in sight.

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