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Java Monday, Sun did what many pundits, media personalities, developers and IT managers wanted done months ago - it opened up Java so that it could be freely distributed under the General Public License. In this interview with, Laurie Tolson, the vice president of Java developer products and programs, discussed this milestone for Java and what it meant for Sun, developers, IT managers.
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by tmack on Tue 14th Nov 2006 23:22 UTC
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"Both are pigs when it comes to resources and both have killer desktop applications (e.g. Java has Eclipse). "

Yes, Java has eclipse and Mono has tomboy.

"I think a GPL'd Java is great. But I would hardly say that web development is where it shines."

Java has the best web development frameworks. Spring easily destroys pretty much any other framework, except maybe Ruby on Rails (which may be a moot point, as RoR runs on Java now).

JSP is one small technology in the world of Java web development. It's best used IN ADDITION to a complete framework like Spring, Tapestry, etc.

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