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Debian and its clones The 'Slug' has gained much-improved Linux support, thanks to a new Debian installer that targets the device. The first release candidate of the debian-installer for Debian's forthcoming 'Etch' distribution was released yesterday, offering nearly complete support to the Linksys USD 99 NSLU2 NAS gadget.
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Had an NSLU2...
by Rugmonster on Wed 15th Nov 2006 15:36 UTC
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And the thing was a piece of crap. I bought one and noticed that there was a firmware update available for it that addressed some critical bugs. In full Linksys style, I went to the management web page to load the firmware. Half way through, the update failed. The device rebooted and stopped responding completely. After a call to Linksys tech support, we deemed the device dead. RMA number one. I got my replacement and found that without the firmware upgrade, several key features were broken. With great trepidation, I attempted another firmware upgrade, only to end up with yet another dead NSLU2. The second RMA was for a refund and have since gone to using a small form factor system for my network storage.

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RE: Had an NSLU2...
by Sphinx on Wed 15th Nov 2006 17:42 in reply to "Had an NSLU2..."
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I'd have to bring in a shaman or a priest at that stage, must be under some kind of curse.

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RE: Had an NSLU2...
by Soulbender on Thu 16th Nov 2006 06:14 in reply to "Had an NSLU2..."
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And you expected anything else from *Linksys*?

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RE: Had an NSLU2...
by pepa on Thu 16th Nov 2006 22:46 in reply to "Had an NSLU2..."
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No, it's a great piece of hardware. And with full Debian support, it's just amazing!!

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