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Debian and its clones The 'Slug' has gained much-improved Linux support, thanks to a new Debian installer that targets the device. The first release candidate of the debian-installer for Debian's forthcoming 'Etch' distribution was released yesterday, offering nearly complete support to the Linksys USD 99 NSLU2 NAS gadget.
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RE[2]: one day....
by deanlinkous on Wed 15th Nov 2006 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE: one day...."
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The thing is, not everyone wants their ingredients selected for tham and the cake already made and fed to them.

That is what is so cool about debian IMO, so many ways to install, so many choices to make, so many ingredients to make whatever you want...debian doesn't *just* make a distro it makes ingredients and you can make whatever type release you want. Of course, you can also just choose a "canned" debian if you wish.

Now if they just get back on the focus of free again.

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