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Debian and its clones The 'Slug' has gained much-improved Linux support, thanks to a new Debian installer that targets the device. The first release candidate of the debian-installer for Debian's forthcoming 'Etch' distribution was released yesterday, offering nearly complete support to the Linksys USD 99 NSLU2 NAS gadget.
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debian is my last OS
by theGrump on Wed 15th Nov 2006 17:38 UTC
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i have done it all - freebsd (95-present), redhat (up to fedora), fedora 1-3, ubuntu...of all of them, debian etch is the best OS i have used, i respect its principles and i intend to make it the last OS i install. of the rest, i also like ubuntu, but i prefer debian's policies and lack of boot-up music. freebsd is also good, but the day of ports has ended. the ports tree has grown to many megabytes while my sources.list is four lines...the day of managing a repository on the client passed some time back.

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RE: debian is my last OS
by deb2006 on Thu 16th Nov 2006 13:35 in reply to "debian is my last OS"
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Yes - I completely agree. Apart from Etch there is only Ubuntu which is worth trying - at least for me. But Ubuntu is a little bit too kiddy-like for my taste - so it's Etch. And Etch _is_ rock solid already.

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