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Novell and Ximian Novell's CEO on Monday issued a letter to the open-source community disputing Microsoft's contention that Linux infringes on Microsoft patents.
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Too Little Too Late?
by WarpKat on Tue 21st Nov 2006 21:29 UTC
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I think the title says it all...

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RE: Too Little Too Late?
by jakesdad on Tue 21st Nov 2006 21:43 in reply to "Too Little Too Late?"
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The FOSS group are a finicky bunch... So I dont think it is. All some one has to do is donate code as GPL and they forget everything. Just like they forgot that SUSE was always weird about the GPL... Until Novell gpl'd yast.

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RE[2]: Too Little Too Late?
by IanSVT on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 00:02 in reply to "RE: Too Little Too Late?"
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All some one has to do is donate code as GPL and they forget everything.

Which is a point in the open letter that I think should have been bolded. Novell doesn't just use open source software. They actually help the open source community through a variety of means. People seem to forget or ignore that. Nobody wants to hear that because it doesn't ring with as much sensationalism as Novell screwing over open source does.

Novell's biggest blunder in all this up to this point is their lack of PR. They went at it from the business stand point and ignored the community aspect. There might be damage to the community/gpl/linux down the road from all of this, but none of that is certain and calling for such at this point in the game is jumping the gun.

Novell sees a clear seperation of community and business. That's how they went about this deal. Many people do not. I, myself, was upset at the deal. But I've backed off from that stance over the past couple of weeks. I still think they screwed up from a PR/Marketing standpoint from the reaction of the OSS community, but that's a far as I can go based on facts alone.

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