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Linux French députés' offices will be equipped with a Linux operating system and open source productivity software. There will be 1154 French parliamentary workstations running on an open source OS, with, Firefox and an open source email client.
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RE[2]: Excellent news but ...
by ronaldst on Mon 27th Nov 2006 13:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Excellent news but ..."
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that was great sarcasm.

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RE[3]: Excellent news but ...
by wibbit on Mon 27th Nov 2006 14:43 in reply to "RE[2]: Excellent news but ..."
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You know I would love to know why you get marked down for being sarci about France.

And yet the other guy gets marked up for being sarci about America.

Me smells double standards, both comments should be taken as humour, or neither.

Personally I would have said some thing more along the lines of "The french choose striking as the favourite form of politcal pressure".

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RE[4]: Excellent news but ...
by ma_d on Mon 27th Nov 2006 18:20 in reply to "RE[3]: Excellent news but ..."
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The first guys comment was decently worded, the second had "lol" printed in all caps. Why do you think he got voted down?

If you're going to make snyde remarks you have to do it with some diction, otherwise people notice it. Notice that my, actually insulting, comment about the French Revolution, in reply, did not get voted down.

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