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Linux French députés' offices will be equipped with a Linux operating system and open source productivity software. There will be 1154 French parliamentary workstations running on an open source OS, with, Firefox and an open source email client.
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I don't need stereotypes. It's called "historical accuracy".

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Are you saying that the French were the first to ever surrender? That's clearly false.

If you're claiming that the french invented the word surrender, that's not exactly true either. The word "surrender" was the English form of the French expression "se rendre", which means "to give oneself up".

For the rest, it's just a tired, inaccurate stereotype. The reason the French were forced to surrender during WWII was that they were ill-prepared for the Blitzkrieg, a new War tactic that had never been seen before. The French had mistakenly prepared for another trench war, like WWI, and were overrun by Germany's quick and powerful Panzer divisions.

Prior to WWII, the French were a military force to be reckoned with. They held their own during WWI, and I'm quite certain you're familiar with a certain Napoleon Bonaparte...

If you're going to claim "historical accuracy", perhaps you should actually learn some history first.

Hey, look at that, you just got your tush handed out to you by a Frenchman...I guess that'll teach you to try talking military history with someone who actually studied the subject in college...

I guess the question now is: are you ready to surrender, or shall I punish you some more? :-)

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