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OSNews, Generic OSes On December 28th, 2005 - a day which will live in anonymity - OSNews published an editorial of mine urging hobby and research operating system developers to implement Project UDI, because otherwise we (the small/ non-mainstream/ hobby/research OS community) would always wind up stuck with mutually incompatible sets of drivers for doing the same exact things. I also proclaimed that I would implement UDI for my own operating system kernel. Bad decision.
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RE: Whre is the code?
by bnolsen on Thu 30th Nov 2006 23:38 UTC in reply to "Whre is the code?"
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Well it's supposed to be on

However, I've tried several mirrors so far and the EDI archive is utterly corrupted. Ugh.

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RE: Where is the code?
by Nairou on Thu 30th Nov 2006 23:46 in reply to "RE: Whre is the code?"
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Same here, download is corrupted and appears empty.

I'm very interested in looking into this though. A few years ago I too read the UDI specifications (of which there are hundreds of pages of it) in high hopes of making my fledgling OS interact with others, but eventually discarded it as the author did after realizing the sheer magnitude of the specification and what all was required. The idea of someone creating a similar but simpler idea is very appealing.

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