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Mac OS X A French user has discovered that ZFS is now 'officially' supported in Leopard [French], while testing the latest build of Apple's upcoming operating system. Indeed it is now possible to create disk images or partitions formated in ZFS (screen capture included). However, it seems that it is not possible yet to install the OS on a ZFS partition.
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RE: Something similar to fuse?
by nevali on Sat 16th Dec 2006 22:44 UTC in reply to "Something similar to fuse?"
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Well, OS X supports mounting FTP and WebDAV shares, and that's done with the help of a user-space daemon for the actual I/O, I don't know if there's a publicly-documented interface for it, though (the source is part of Darwin, so you'd be able to find out yourself).

It may be that it just uses NFS loopback mount tricks to do it (i.e., private NFS server running in user-space proxies to GMail/WebDAV/whatever)

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Thanks - fun excuse to poke around the source ;)

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