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OS/2 and eComStation eComStation 2.0 beta 3, the new evolution of OS/2, is available to download for registered users. The new features of this beta version are available on the online readme file. Among other things, this new release includes better support for wireless chipsets and advanced power management features.
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I thought OS/2 was left in obscurity
by Phloptical on Sun 17th Dec 2006 01:00 UTC
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I've only ever seen this in use at one old college radio station. I think it was something having to do with running the spots at certain times of the day.

Other than that, it was the first and last time I ever came in contact with OS/2.

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I use to work at a call center that was all IBM token ring and OS/2. Though, in the time I was there we were already moving to MS Windows. (And Ethernet.)

It's a shame OS/2 didn't put up more of a fight. It was better than Windows in pretty much every way. It wasn't until Windows 2000 came out that Microsoft had an operating system that you could realistically compare with what OS/2 had had for more than a decade. (Edit: I suppose Windows NT could be considered as well. But Windows NT was never aimed at consumers where OS/2 Warp was.)

Great link here if you're interested in reading some OS/2 history:

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I had heard about OS/2's better multitasking and multithreading than Windows had pre-Win2k. Since I was new to the field at the time, I really had no concept of what that meant.

I'll check the link out. Thanks.

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FYI, I used Windows NT 3.1, 3.5 and 3.51. I also used OS/2 2.11 and 3.0. Of all of them, OS/2 3.0 was the best OS. It had the best multitasking of any non-Unix OS I have ever used.

I also really regret that IBM didn't put up more of a fight. I despise Windows (sorry, my personal feelings), and would much rather use OS/2.

I keep saying I can't afford eComStation, but maybe I will free up the $$$ when 2.0 gets released, and give it another shot. It won't be OS/2 3.0, but it will still be a better OS than Windows! :-)

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"I've only ever seen this in use at one old college radio station. I think it was something having to do with running the spots at certain times of the day. "

I've seen OS/2 being used together with IBM mainframes (AS/400 eSeries) at our local financial authority (Oberfinanzdirection). Programmers used the OS/2 boxes for programming and performing the dialog with the AS/400 and, of course, to work with the results (doing statistics, diagrams, reports, bills etc.).

I had my own experience with OS/2 3.0 many years ago, I found it was quite cool. It was used as OEM operating system and came preinstalled on PCs for some time. My friends using it were happy with it - happier than with "Windows" 3.1 before and '95/'98 after. OS/2 was more stable, offered better multimedia support and could even run DOS applications in multitasking.

You might want to have a look at where you can see some impressive screenshots.

So it's nice to hear about eComStation. It even supports multiple virtual desktops. OS/2 and eComStation are still worth to be mentioned being present in the OS field.

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