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Google Google has quietly axed the web services API to its eponymous search engine. The stealth move was made without any announcement, but visitors to the page now receive a blunt message, backdated to 5 December, advising them that the SOAP API is no longer supported.
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RE[2]: Am I or am I not
by -pekr- on Wed 20th Dec 2006 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Am I or am I not"
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Parsing html results - done that with several sites. The trouble is, when such site knows it, and changes the output intentionally :-)

I use REBOL for the task, it is cool and simple to parse results with it ..., but of course and imo - it is a pity API is removed ...


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RE[3]: Am I or am I not
by trenchsol on Wed 20th Dec 2006 18:23 in reply to "RE[2]: Am I or am I not"
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I don't know much about REBOL. I use Java, Python or Groovy. My approach is to create a general class for parsing, and subclass for the particular version of the site output.


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